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Interested in purchasing a LiveDISPATCH account?

By purchasing an account via the PayPal button on the right hand side of this page, you will have full access to the LiveDISPATCH website and software. Once payment is made and verified via PayPal, your account will be created and your log in info will be emailed to you immediately.

Accounts will be created with the information provided by PayPal, which means that your username will be your full name and your log in information will be emailed to the email registered with PayPal. Passwords are randomly created and these can be changed/updated once you log into the LiveDISPATCH website.

LiveDISPATCH is NOT a subscription based software. Once you pay for the service, your account will NEVER stop working.

Please keep in mind that all accounts are MANUALLY created, so please allow us up to 24 hours for your account to be created.


LiveDISPATCH now has a DEMO MODE which allows you to try the software on your system for FREE. No need to purchase an account. You simply download the software, install it, and in the login screen select the DEMO MODE option and off you go!

However, there are some restrictions with the demo mode. Below is a list of these restrictions:

  • You can only fly from Richmond Intl Airport (KRIC) to Kennedy Intl Airport (KJFK).

  • Access to Pause @ Distance option is DISABLED.

  • Access to Search Timetable is DISABLED.

  • Access to D-TPP charts is DISABLED.

  • Access to the Screenshot Capture utility is DISABLED.

  • Access to Divert To Alternate and Declare Emergency buttons are DISABLED.

  • Ability to send a PIREP and log flight after completion is DISABLED.

    Other than the restrictions listed above, you have access to ALL features of LiveDISPATCH and the ability to thoroughly test the software on your system and setup.

    If you are ready to give LiveDISPATCH a try, just click on the DOWNLOAD menu item on this page and have a safe flight!

  • Purchase LiveDISPATCH

    Price $24.95
    Intro Price $14.95


    System Requirements

    → Windows 8/7/Vista/XP Operating System
    → .NET 4.0 Framework or higher
    → Prepar3D Simulator with FSUIPC
    → Flight Simulator X with FSUIPC
    → Flight Simulator 2004 with FSUIPC
    → X-Plane 10.xx with XPUIPC
    → Adobe Reader
    → 120MB HDD space