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Screenshot Capture Utility

The screenshot capture utility is a nifty utility that as the name says, will allow you to capture screenshots of both your desktop and FS (both windowed and full-screen modes), and then allow you to easily upload these to the LD server.

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By default, the hotkey to capture a screenshot will be the PRINTSCREEN key. This can be easily changed via the options menu of LD, as well as the minimum screen size WIDTH you want the screenshot resized to. If you do not want screenshots to be resized, simply set the Resized Width to the same WIDTH of your desktop or simulator resolution.

Once a screenshot is captured, it will be listed on the right hand list box where you can highlight it to see a preview on the left hand side. Clicking on the preview or double-clicking on the filename, will open up the screenshot in full size.

If you wish to upload the screenshot to the LD server and start a screenshot thread, do these simple steps:
  • Select filename
  • Click Upload Selected Screenshot To Server button (once uploaded, a link to the image will appear on the Screenshot Thread Editor message box)
  • Repeat step 2 f you wish to upload multiple images (20 image limit per thread)
  • Type and compose your comments into the Screenshot Thread Editor message box
  • Once ready to post the thread on the website, click the Copy Message to Clipboard button THEN click the Create New Thread button
  • LD will switch to the WEBSITE tab and if not logged in, proceed to login
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to the Start New Thread page where you can PASTE the contents from your clipboard by clicking CTRL-V inside the message box. Remember to enter a thread subject as well.
If you wish to delete a screenshot, highlight the filename and Right-click | Delete