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Airport Charts

LiveDISPATCH provides a complete up-to-date set of the digital Terminal Procedures Publications, encompassing all 50 States including US Territories and we provide a new set every time a new AIRAC cycle is available. This ensures the pilot always has the most up-to-date information. These charts include airport diagrams, ILS approaches, VOR approaches, GPS approaches and others.

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Searching for charts is very easy and straightforward. You will see a set of 4 list boxes named STATES, CITIES, AIRPORTS and CHARTS. When looking up charts for a specific airport, you will begin from left to right by first selecting the state, then a city, followed by an airport and finally, all charts for that airport will be displayed.

Every time you highlight a chart name, LiveDISPATCH will search your HDD and if it sees you have never viewed this chart before, it will proceed to download it from the LiveDISPATCH server and save it locally on your HDD. This will speed up the process if you ever need to pull up this specific chart in the future.

In order to view these charts, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. These charts also can be printed by right-clicking on the chart and selecting PRINT, assuming you already have Adobe Reader installed.

As of LD, users now have the ability to open TWO charts side by side.