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Have you ever wished you could allow your friends to track your flight in real-time? How about being able to keep a detailed, online logbook of all your flights? While you are at it, how about being able to complete and print out an authentic trip folder for your flight, just like the real airliners?

If you answered yes to these questions, then LiveDISPATCH can do all those things and much more!

Among the many features of LiveDISPATCH, here are some of the things you can expect:
Real-time Flight Tracker feed with an extensive set of flight data
→ Fuel Calculator and Loader
→ Payload Calculator and Loader
→ Trip Folder Generator
→ Loadsheet Generator
→ Route Generator
→ Searchable Timetable
→ Screenshot Capture Utility
→ Flight Attendant voice announcements for several phases of flight.
→ Support for hundreds of airlines, including fictitious and extinct ones.
→ Complete set of d-TPP charts for all 50 US States and Territories.
→ Search for latest METAR/TAF reports.
→ Export your flightplan in several popular formats.
→ Chat with other pilots currently flying in real-time.
→ Submit an extremely detailed PIREP (Pilot Report) of your flight.

Xiamen Airlines... Just one of 361 airlines we serve!
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Global Statistics

Serving Since:2008
Latest Version:
Date Released:06SEP13
AIRAC Cycle:1513
Airlines Served: 361
Total Pilots: 312
Flights Flown: 12,261
Hours Flown: 34,016
Miles Flown: 13,141,416
Passenger Flights: 12,009
Passengers: 1,564,859
Cargo Flights: 252
Cargo Delivered: 53,823 tons
Avg. Landing: -222.62 ft/min
Avg. Distance: 1,072 nm
Avg. Flight: 2.77 hrs
Most Hours: 4,570.6 hours
By Jim Boerman
Most Flights: 1,393 flights
By Jim Boerman
Best Landing: 0.00 ft/min
By Elijah Wedge
Worst Landing: -14,939.10 ft/min
By Thomas Svart
Longest Flight: KLM KL3113
Piloted by Jim Boerman
Best Average Landing:
(50 landings minimum)
-102.86 ft/min
By Fernando Diaz
Most Popular Simulator: FS2004
Most Popular Airline: American Airlines
Most Popular Aircraft: B737-800
Most Popular Dest.: Miami Intl

Most Recent PIREPS

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# Pilot Name Flight Date Origin Dest. Aircraft Landing VS Airline
1 Jim Boerman AA716 09-19-2017 KLAX KPHL 75W -139.95 ft/min
2 Jim Boerman UA2221 09-17-2017 CYWG KLAX 73W -121.49 ft/min
3 Tyler Hanus WN1064 09-15-2017 KHOU KLAS 73H -89.2 ft/min
4 Jim Boerman UA2220 09-15-2017 KLAX CYWG 73W -105.35 ft/min
5 Jim Boerman WN2698 09-14-2017 KABQ KLAX 73W -152.25 ft/min
6 Jim Boerman UA1515 09-13-2017 KORD KABQ 73H -53.83 ft/min
7 Jim Boerman UA1727 09-12-2017 KCHS KORD 319 -161.48 ft/min
8 Jim Boerman AA1724 09-11-2017 KDFW KCHS 319 -289.89 ft/min
9 Jim Boerman AA1460 09-10-2017 KAUS KDFW 320 -304.5 ft/min
10 Jim Boerman AA1004 09-09-2017 KDFW KAUS 320 -353.72 ft/min
11 Jim Boerman MQ3533 09-09-2017 CYUL KDFW E75 -82.28 ft/min
12 Jim Boerman OO3616 09-07-2017 KORD CYUL E75 -86.89 ft/min
13 Jim Boerman OO3705 09-05-2017 KIND KORD E75 -86.12 ft/min
14 Sukdeo Lallman AA586 09-03-2017 TNCM SYCJ 773 -1230.32 ft/min
15 Jim Boerman CP2877 09-03-2017 KLAX KIND E75 -112.27 ft/min
16 Jim Boerman OO5675 08-31-2017 KLAX KSAN ER4 -154.56 ft/min
17 Jim Boerman MQ2276 08-29-2017 KLMT KLAX ER3 -458.29 ft/min
18 Jim Boerman MQ2275 08-27-2017 KLAX KLMT ER3 -142.26 ft/min
19 Jim Boerman UA33 08-26-2017 RJAA KLAX 77L -128.41 ft/min
20 Jim Boerman KL861 08-21-2017 EHAM RJAA 77W -329.88 ft/min